A biography of israel a country in southwestern asia

The land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers is called Mesopotamia. This land is very fertile. The agricultural development influences villages far away from Mesopotamia.

A biography of israel a country in southwestern asia

See Article History Marco Polo, born c. The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige. Although it is uncertain if the Polos were of the nobility, the matter was of little importance in Venicea city of republican and mercantile traditions.

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The family appears to have been shrewd, alert, and courageous; about they foresaw a political change in Constantinople e. He was age 15 or 16 when his father and uncle returned to A biography of israel a country in southwestern asia him and learned that the pope, Clement IVhad recently died.

The Polos had been on the road for only a few days when they heard that their friend Teobaldo had been elected pope as Gregory X. Returning to Acre, they were given proper credentials, and two friars were assigned to accompany them, though they abandoned the Polos shortly after the expedition resumed.

Marco, his father, and his uncle set out from Venice in and reached China in The Polos spent a total of 17 years in China. There the Polos decided not to risk a sea passage to India and beyond but to proceed overland to the Mongol capital.

Marco suggests that they remained there for a year; detained, perhaps, by illness possibly malaria that was cured by the benign climate of the district. It is also believed that Marco visited territories to the south other parts of Afghanistan, Kafiristan in the Hindu KushChitral in what is now Pakistan, and perhaps Kashmir during this period.

It is, however, difficult to establish which districts he traversed and which he may have described from information gathered en route. The Yuan Mongol empire c. Nevertheless, it is well known that many foreigners were in the employ of the state, since the Mongol rulers did not trust their Chinese subjects; so it would have been natural for the Polos to fit in most honourably and successfully with this motley society.

The extent of their success and the specific roles they filled, however, remains an open question. The elder Polos were probably employed in some technical capacity. The whole episode is dubious, however. Marco was about age 20 when he reached Cathay. Although he knew little or no Chinese, he did speak some of the many languages then used in East Asia—most probably Turkish in its Coman dialect as spoken among the Mongols, Arabized Persian, Uighur Uygurand perhaps Mongol.

He was noticed very favourably by Kublai, who took great delight in hearing of strange countries and repeatedly sent him on fact-finding missions to distant parts of the empire. Apart from the missions he undertook for the emperor, Polo may have held other administrative responsibilities, including inspection of the customs duties and revenues collected from the trade in salt and other commodities.

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According to some versions of Il milione, he governed the city of Yangzhou for three years sometime between and ; but this assertion seems hardly credible and hinges entirely on the interpretation of one word.

There is, however, ample evidence to show that Polo considered himself an adoptive son of his new country. The return to Venice Sometime around according to Otagia Mongol princess was to be sent to Persia to become the consort of Arghun Khanand the Polos offered to accompany her.

Marco wrote that Kublai had been unwilling to let them go but finally granted permission. They were eager to leave, in part, because Kublai was nearly 80, and his death and the consequent change in regime might have been dangerous for a small group of isolated foreigners.

Naturally, they also longed to see their native Venice and their families again. There Polo was much impressed by the fact that the North Star appeared to have dipped below the horizon. Unfortunately, as soon as they left the Mongol dominions and set foot in a Christian country, at Trebizond in what is now Turkey, they were robbed of most of their hard-won earnings.

After further delays, they reached Constantinople and finally Venice The story of their dramatic recognition by relatives and neighbours who had thought them long since dead is a part of Polo lore that is well known.

Compilation of Il milione Soon after his return to Venice, Polo was taken prisoner by the Genoese —great rivals of the Venetians at sea—during a skirmish or battle in the Mediterranean. He was then imprisoned in Genoa, where he had a felicitous encounter with a prisoner from PisaRustichello or Rusticianoa fairly well-known writer of romances and a specialist in chivalry and its lore, then a fashionable subject.

Polo may have intended to write about his 25 years in Asia but possibly did not feel sufficiently comfortable in either Venetian or Franco-Italian; however, with Rustichello at hand, the traveler began dictating his tale.

The language employed was Franco-Italian—a strange composite tongue fashionable during the 13th and 14th centuries.

Polo was soon freed and returned to Venice. The remainder of his life can be reconstructed, in part, through the testimony of legal documents. He seems to have led a quiet existence, managing a not too conspicuous fortune and dying at age Nonetheless, details concerning travel, distances covered, and seasons are rarely stated; the panorama is observed from an impersonal distance with a powerful wide-angle lens.

In Il milione Polo often branches off into descriptions of places probably visited not by himself but by his relatives or people he knew.Islam is the most popular religion in Southwest Asia.

Polo’s journey to Asia

Arabs, Persians, and other large groups are Muslim. Most Israelis are Jewish. Large Christian populations exist in some countries. Some of the bitterness that exists in the Middle East is due to religious differences.

A biography of israel a country in southwestern asia

Israel is considered the most advanced country in Southwest Asia and the Middle East in economic and industrial development. Israel's quality university education and the establishment of a highly motivated and educated populace is largely responsible for spurring the country's high technology boom and rapid economic development.

Which of these countries is located in the region of Southwest Asia? A) China B) India C) Israel D) Japan Ask for details ; Follow Report Israel is in the region of Southwest Asia, also considered the Middle East.

Hope that helps!:D® 6 votes 6 votes Rate! Rate! Thanks. 6. Comments (1)/5(3). Governments of SW Asia/Middle East. IRAN’s Theocratic Republic the country views the role of religion Religion and Southwest Asian Governments •In the United States and many western nations, religion •Israel is a democratic state, but was founded as a Jewish homeland.

Western Asia, West Asia, or Southwestern Asia is the westernmost part of Asia, it is a region at the crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe.

The terms have to some extent a similar notion as 'Middle East'. The Sinai Peninsula is the only part of Egypt's territory located in Asia. Southwest Asia is dominated by the Islamic religion with the exception of Israel, which is Jewish, and Lebanon, which is Christian.

The prophet Muhammad, who was born in Arabia in AD , brought the Islamic faith into Southwest Asia around AD

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