Carpet cleaning business plan

You can start a carpet-cleaning business to help residential homeowners enjoy clean carpets. To begin, you need to learn how to clean carpets, then purchase equipment and supplies and finally find customers. With a good business plan, you may build a thriving business cleaning carpets.

Carpet cleaning business plan

Here is what the carpet looked like prior to cleaning.

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I removed most of the furniture. It is somewhat matted and has some pet stains. Click on it to enlarge First, vacuum your carpet thoroughly, use an attachment if you have one to get along the wall. I started out only doing half of the room so that I could show the difference.


If you have pet stains, spray the pet stain remover on them heavily enough to saturate, blot, and brush in. And the same spot after the entire process: Starting at a far corner,spray a light mist of cleaner to about a 2ft x 3ft section.

Use a slightly heavier spray on stains. After the spray has set for a minute, use the brush or sponge mop to somewhat gently rub it into the carpet. Go in at least 2 directions. Then simply move on to the next section until your entire room has been sprayed and brushed in.

It will probably look something like the left side of this pic Now let the carpet dry.

carpet cleaning business plan

Once dry, vacuum again. Now, start back at the far corner and rake. Go across the back and continue in this back and forth manner until you get to the end of the room.Current Issue How to Price a Deep Cleaning Job.

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business from Home – Sample Business Plan Template

Deep cleaning can be defined as a special one-time project or a periodic task that occurs on a set schedule or as needed basis. Sample Commercial Carpet Cleaning Business Plan This is a quick exercise on putting together a commercial carpet cleaning business plan. The goal is to create a quick 1 page business plan template that can be added to and changed over time.

Every business needs a solid business plan to define its journey in future, and carpet cleaning business is no exception. This business offers lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs, but one must consider all the risks before starting it.

With a good business plan, you may build a thriving business cleaning carpets. 1. Gain some experience with cleaning may do this by taking a job with an established carpet-cleaning. Welcome to AC Carpet Cleaning in Jacksonville.

A&C Carpet and Tile Cleaning is pleased to provide the residents and business owners of Jacksonville, FL and its surrounding areas with premier carpet cleaning services.

Carpet Chem Corporation began as a familyowned and operated business venture. The owners identified a need for a quality carpet and upholstery cleaning system, and their son developed the .

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