Daimler chrysler emulsion

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Daimler chrysler emulsion

So, why is it that we keep hearing tales about 3. The hp and lb-ft of torque figures were more than the outgoing Wrangler, but it made these figures much higher in the rpm range.

The result was a weak low-end power feel something that was always a strong suit of the 4. The fact that the 3. Now that the 3. With years past, we are also noticing that the 3. By far the biggest complaint we are aware of is excessive oil consumption.

Both were consuming oil rapidly in the end it Daimler chrysler emulsion two-quarts to every miles! Sure, we might be harder than the average wheeler on our Jeeps, but a quick interweb search will reveal that we are not the only ones with 3.

To get a better breakdown of what goes wrong with the 3. Some spots are easy fixes, while others may have you looking for a new powerplant. Before you go off the deep end with your 3.

Below the drive-by-wire throttle body is a plug-in clip. This can actually become dislodged. Typically, a trouble code will indicate that the throttle body is bad or not reading correctly.

Before you drop a lot of money on a new throttle body, make sure that the plug is firmly in place. When we pulled our oil-burning 3. Obviously, this will be difficult to see with the engine still under the hood, but if your Jeep is experiencing a rough idle or burning oil, it is worth looking into.

Exhaust leaks are all too common on the 3.

Daimler chrysler emulsion

The main culprit is typically a cracked exhaust manifold. A cracked exhaust manifold can cause the Jeep to run poorly and eventually lead to trouble codes. It can also be misdiagnosed as an internal engine problem to the untrained ear.

Before you go too far into the engine diagnostics, be sure to peel back the heat-shield covers and see if your manifolds are toast. Hopefully, your plugs have simply run their course and are ready to be replaced. However, if your plugs are coated with an excessive amount of oil, you could be dealing with ring failure or excessive bypass due to a number of internal issues.

Even in stock form, the wires could melt when resting against the stock manifold or aftermarket headers.

Some preventative safety measures would be to sleeve the wires with a heat-resistant material or wrap the headers with a titanium heat-wrap, such as the ones offered from DEI designengineering.

One of the most common sources is at the thermostat housing. Is your engine burning excessive amounts of oil and making knocking noises?

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