Gcse hospitality and catering task 1 academic writing

There are no age limits or minimum entry requirements. Assessment is normally through on-the-job observation and questioning. Levels for both qualifications range from 1 to 5.

Gcse hospitality and catering task 1 academic writing

It is our aim to ensure that all students feel safe and secure in science lessons and never come to any harm. All students can ensure this by being sensible at all times and following teacher instructions and the basic laboratory rules below. Never eat or chew in the laboratories microbiological risk Never run in the laboratory Always stand for practical activities Follow instructions carefully during practical activities Allow equipment to cool down before tidying away Wash hands following practical activities Report spills and accidents to the teacher immediately Never leave equipment especially Bunsen burners unattended Always wear safety equipment in the correct way Keep work area tidy We have an excellent record of Health and Safety in the department and are always looking to improve this.

Below is a document which describes in detail the Health and Safety measures of the department. Arden Academy Health and Safety in the Science Department All students study Science in one of nine teaching laboratories and are expected to participate in experimental lessons following the guidelines set out in both the school and departmental Health and Safety Policies.

There is a departmental Health and Safety policy which should accompany this document. It is to record the arrangements made in the science department to implement the policy in accordance with the Code of Practice or Guidance issued by the employer.

The policy document is maintained by the Science department. It is copied to all new members of staff, ie, teachers, technicians, trainees working in the department. Staff are expected to sign the list kept in the prep room to show that they have received a copy.

gcse hospitality and catering task 1 academic writing

A reference copy, together with various Appendices, is kept in prep room available for consultation by staff and for inspection by visiting HSE inspectors or a representative of the employer. It is determined that spurious concerns about Health and Safety should not be allowed to inhibit good teaching.

Details of the proposed activity. The age and ability of the persons likely to do it. Details of the room to be used, i. Any substance s possibly hazardous to health.

Any other relevant details, e. This employer has arranged a contract with safelab who will be allowed access to carry out the tests. The records of the tests are available for staff reference and for inspection by the employer's representative or an HSE Inspector kept in the prep room All users have been trained to carry out a quick check that a fume cupboard is working before use.

No smoking of cigarettes is permitted in the school. However, demonstrations of a 'smoking machine' are permitted in fume cupboards in designated laboratories.

All users have been trained to carry out a quick visual inspection before using mains-powered equipment. The L93 policy is located in the prep room for reference.

The Radioactive Sources History i. This advice will be followed and any queries referred to the subject specialist for biology 6. Any user who discovers a hazardous defect in an item of equipment must report it to the HOD. Safety spectacles are provided for general use, with a set of goggles or face shields used whenever the risk assessment requires them.

The condition of the eye protection is checked regularly. A new set of goggles were purchased this year for all students and these must be worn when required. A set of 30 is kept in each teaching area plus over-sized goggles for those students who wear glasses.

Hazardous activities involving chemicals restricted to those who have received special training are identified in the texts in daily use as part of the risk assessment see section 5, Risk assessments. Occasional ie, one-off manual-handling operations will be assessed by the staff member s before attempting them.The club runs every Thursday from to in room Uncategorized All systems go!

21st May J Godbolt. Oathall’s BCS students visit to Caffyns in Haywards Heath. GCSE Business and Communication students recently paid a fact-finding visit to Caffyns VW showroom in Haywards Heath.

Students will be writing a business report on. Hospitality & Catering 35 Information, Communication & Technology – ICT 38 this writing task are awarded for content and organisation, and for accuracy (spelling, sentence English Language GCSE.

The outline of the qualification is given below. Now You’re In Year 10 Welcome to Year 10 Year 10 marks the start of a two year journey through Key Stage 4. It is a Individual Child Study controlled task (worth 25% of final mark).

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Catering (& Hospitality) Level 1/2 award WJEC QA //2. The task of overseeing Health and Safety within the Science Depart­ment is Mr A Phillips (Acting Head of Faculty) further delegated to Science Technician Mr S Homer who has the particular function of maintaining this policy document alongside Dr J Cannadine who has monitored Health and Safety over the academic year Aug 11,  · English Reading, Writing, Spelling, Word grammar, Sentence grammar, Speaking & listening.

All the maths Skillswise games. Quick Reads. Short . Hospitality & Catering Leadership and Team Skills Travel and Tourism PE 1 GCSE Subject Information (20%) – Prose Writing. One creative writing task selected from a choice of four titles.

Component 2: 19th and 21st Century Non-Fiction Reading and Transactional/.

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