Importance of couseling essay

To be both multicultural and ethical is increasingly challenging.

Importance of couseling essay

The main reason why counselling is important in the work place might be considered a selfish one. Employers are interested in the productivity and performance of their staff.

They are in business to produce: If employees are unhappy, anxious, or stressed they will not be able to perform well on their jobs. Their productivity and performance will go down.

This creates stress and again impacts on their performance. In addition, directors or senior managers are well placed to counsel members of the management staff. When to counsel There are many situations Importance of couseling essay the workplace when counselling might be called for: Some of these problems arise outside the work place.

They may be related to family issues: They may also be issues related specifically to the work place, such as matters like career development, discipline, performance, relating to customers or clients, promotion, redeployment, transfers, redundancies, retirement, etc.

There might be problems individuals have in relating to others in the work place, either as individuals or as part of a team.

Other problems may lie in relating to customers, to bosses or to those in authority in general.

Importance of couseling essay

Bosses might also have problems in relating to their juniors. Consequences of staff with problems Staff members with problems may take more time off work for sicknesses that are either real or imagined. Many may suffer from stress related illnesses like high blood pressure or ulcers.

This is expensive for the organisation both from the viewpoint of the cost of the treatment and the cost of the time away from the job.

Remaining staff members also suffer since they will have to do additional work to cover for the member who is away. This impacts on their productivity and lowers their morale. Others may agitate for job or career changes within the organisation because the problems make them unable to cope with their work.

They may even decide to leave their job and this will create difficulties as new people will have to be found, recruited, inducted and trained to replace them. This is an expensive and time-consuming exercise for an organisation.

For employees who are in customer care situations their personal difficulties will impact on the customers they serve. Their organisation may lose business as a result of their problems.

Customers who are badly treated initially quickly escalate to becoming problem customers who take a great deal of the organisation's time and senior management intervention before they can be soothed.

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Bosses with difficulties will impact on the staff they supervise. Each staff member may lose productivity even though they are ordinarily productive because they are hurting from the way their boss treats them The boss's decisions will be clouded with the personal issues and the organisation may lose money or customers as a result.

Expensive mistakes may be made.An analysis of guidance and counselling services in providing adequate guidance for secondary school students is of paramount importance; hence the this study. The result from the study will help in throwing more light on how guidance and counselling services is being implemented in secondary schools in Nigeria and the quality of guidance.

The Importance of Counseling. by Dr. Shannon Hodges; on November 13, ; According to the American Counseling Association “Counseling is a professional relationship that empowers diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.”.

Jan 10,  · Thou shalt contribute to thy (k) — or (b) or individual retirement account, etc. It is the first commandment of retirement planning. Contribute early and often, perch on that nest egg and make sure that it’s big enough for you to live on after you retire. Importance Of Counseling Theories.

leadership action.

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Its contribution to soldier development cannot be overstated. Development counseling is a type of communication that leaders use to empower and enable soldiers.

It is much more than providing feedback or direction. Setting Boundaries in Counseling Essay; Setting Boundaries in Counseling Essay. Words 4 Pages. Introduction Boundaries are extremely important in a counseling session. Setting boundaries and limits in therapy sessions represents an ethical decision that is set by each counselor, when entering a therapeutic relationship.

In this presentation. The Importance Of Research In The Field Of Counseling (Essay Sample) Instructions: RThe rubric is added these are things professor will be looking for in the paper.

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