Intel case study marketing

Intel created a consumer brand to make sense of the rapidly changing computer cycles. The technology giant had already established a reputation as a quality brand throughout the technology world, however, their aim was to spread awareness and create a positive image for themselves in the public eye. The success of Intel can be attributed to many factors over their rise to the top of the technology world.

Intel case study marketing

No company operating in the free market can be successful in perpetuity by delivering the same products with the same marketing and the same margins. While it Intel case study marketing easy and natural to crave consistency and avoid risk, the changing nature of life and our environment requires us to change, to adapt, and to take chances in order to survive.

But with the proliferation of PCs, and with consumers at a loss in trying to figure out what made one better than the other, Intel saw an opportunity, and so it took a major risk.

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I first became aware of what they were doing inwhen I met with Intel executives to discuss their International CES participation.

They described a plan for a remarkable exhibit at the show that year, a centerpiece of their effort to shift the image of Intel from that of a chip company to that of a producer of a coveted, brand-name product that stood for performance.

The display Intel was planning was so elaborate that we actually had to work out a deal so they could occupy the same exhibit space they would be using at another show taking place a month and a half earlier.

By using an amazing multimedia cascading exhibit, Intel managed to convey to me and others that Intel was way ahead of almost everyone else.

The Marketing Backstory Of How Intel Became A Household Name

Intel wisely used the live experience to change the very perception of its company, its products, and its importance. By marketing itself in that way, Intel transformed into a brand known to millions of otherwise technology-illiterate consumers. Intel turned a chip into a brand and that brand into billions in added sales.

Intel captured the critical influencers who attended the trade show, including the media, retailers, and Wall Street.

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Finally, Intel taught me the value of a visible CEO in enhancing and transforming the image of a company. More, I had the sense that Intel was at the center of the product offerings of so many other companies. The CEO would not only convey factual information about the company and its products, but also leave every audience member impressed by the importance and future of Intel.

Find more ways to innovate in the Fast Company newsletter. He is a graduate of Georgetown University Law Center. He splits his time between Detroit and Washington, and is married to Dr.Intel Corporation is the biggest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and has changed the global marketplace radically since it was founded in The first handheld calculators and PCs (Personal Computers) were developed through the innovation of Intel’s microprocessors.

In the early 70’s 5/5(11). Intel case study that walks through the process of designing, detailing and creating a set of image for a marketing campaign for Intel. Intel case study that walks through the process of designing, detailing and creating a set of image for a marketing campaign for Intel.

Case Study: “Intel Inside” campaign by Intel Initially the motivation behind the branding of Intel Inside was to establish the company by name and identify the high performance products that were used inside the computer with the company.

Intel case study marketing

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Reduce its offer in half if the PC makers add another logo Awareness of Intel: 20% in to 80% in and 90% in business market Intel logo as an assurance of quality, safety, leading technology and reliable computer makers participating in the campaign of Intel In the first year of.

Inside Intel Inside is a Harvard Business Review case study written by Youngme Moon, Christina Darwallfor the students of Sales & Marketing. The case study also include other relevant topics and learning material on – Competition, Customers, Growth strategy, Strategy execution.

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