Rocking horse winner greed and money essay

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Rocking horse winner greed and money essay

English novelist, poet, and short story writer.

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Lawrence Short Story Criticism. Frequently anthologized and exhaustively analyzed, "The Rocking-Horse Winner" has scholars divided over interpretations—whether it is a social commentary on money and relationships in a capitalist society, a psychoanalytic exploration of sexuality and the Oedipus complex, or a simple fable of a boy searching for identity and love.

Plot and Major Characters "The Rocking-Horse Winner" traces the actions of its young hero, Paul, who lives with his parents and two sisters in a fairly affluent neighborhood.

As stated in the story, the family "lived in style," but a feeling persists in the household that there is never enough money. Soon the house is "haunted by an unspoken phrase: There must be more money! Paul reacts by telling her that he is lucky, and when she rejects this statement, it angers him.

Seeking some way to attract luck, Paul begins to ride his wooden rocking-horse at a frenzied pace, his eyes glassed over as he whips at the toy.

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In this manner, he believes that he can arrive at the place "where there is luck. Later, Uncle Oscar visits the house and discovers that Paul and the gardener, Bassett, have been wagering money on horse racing and that Paul has been able to predict winning horses after his trance-like rides on the rocking-horse.

Paul confesses that he started gambling to become lucky and win money for his mother, thereby stopping the house from whispering. Instead of the money calming the whispers, however, the house begins to scream in an ecstatic voice: He begins to ride the rocking-horse at a mad and frightening pace.

She opens the door and turns on the light to discover Paul thrashing about on the rocking-horse. Paul remains ill with "some brain-fever" for three days. Her desires are never satisfied, however, and they result in disastrous consequences when love and money are confused.

Scholars have noted that the descriptions of Paul riding his rocking-horse have an erotic quality, and these scenes have been interpreted as representations of sex and masturbation.

Freud maintained that young boys are sexually attracted to their mothers and fantasize about replacing their fathers—a condition he termed the Oedipus complex.

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The story has generated a large amount of scholarly debate and has been compared to a wide range of other works, including classic myths, parables, and the writings of Charles Dickens, among many others.

Snodgrass presented an interpretation that has become the jumping-off point for many of the later analyses of the story. Other critics have further highlighted the Freudian aspects of the work and have interpreted it in regard to economic theories and spiritual allusions.

Though the story continues to stimulate debate, analysts are largely agreed that the plot, description, dialogue, and symbolism of the story are presented with great skill.The Rocking Horse Winner Essay For example, “Rocking Horse Winner” begins with the omniscient narrator describing the mother, “THERE WAS A WOMAN who was Lawrence uses money to prove that greed and negligence of a mother can contribute to the deterioration of an innocent young child.

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Rocking horse winner greed and money essay

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It would be the labour of a lifetime to acknowledge each and every contributor to the groups. Essay on The Effects of Greed in D.H. Lawrence's The Rocking Horse Winner - In the “Rocking Horse Winner”, a story that represents the vicious effects of greed, D.H.

Lawrence uses symbolism to develop the idea that life, love and happiness can be stripped away .

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