Student timetable system

Student Options The Student Options module is used when students are offered a choice in their course of study and you are required to assign options to students based on their nominated preferences. There are extensive curriculum checks, such as the number of students who have nominated or not nominated specific groups of options. Once the student preferences are recorded and curriculum checks made, the options are placed on a grid. This can be done automatically using the programs Create function or interactively, or a combination of both.

Student timetable system

It is hoped the score will improve to be equal to or better than levels. There will also be an automated system that alerts the students to changes to the timetable through the university email system.

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Although we have tried to gather data on how much time staff spend on timetabling, responses were limited. As the cost created cannot be validated, the project team have chosen not to pursue the capture of staff time data to include in the baseline created.

In the past, factors affecting the creation of a timetable have resulted in the estate being highly used at certain times and underused at others. The Room Bookings team often struggled to accommodate the requested classes.

This project has allowed UCLan to effectively cost the room usage. We expect to see a more efficient use of the estate as well as a decrease in the practice of overbooking rooms, rooms being booked but unused and rooms being cancelled.

We are able to quantify this into a cost as we have detail of the cost of the teaching space on campus per metre squared. The JISC infoNet Impact Calculator will be a useful tool to capture and compare the baseline over the course of the project and beyond for benefits realisation.

We will have evidence of the benefits and the beneficiaries by Decemberonce the system has been running for a semester. We will not know the true impact of the system until Decemberwhen all the Schools are live. Feedback from the trials suggests that the system is capable of producing a suitable timetable, therefore, the Student timetable system on students across all Schools should be measureable from December as all students will receive an online personalised timetable—whether their School is automatically scheduled or manually scheduled.

The online timetable fits with other UCLan projects that are currently being developed including the Student Portal project, which is due to go live in September During the development of the portal, the project team has noticed a trend in students requesting access to an online personal timetable.

Staff have also responded positively to the feature that they will be able to log into the system to check students timetables so they can assist lost students.

User Registration is used to extract the lecturer data and Banner is used to extract student data along with modules and programme codes. The timetables are then published through ePortal. The project team has learned how to use the scheduling functionality of the CMIS system, which we use for room booking.

The Central Timetabling Unit has also developed an understanding of the course and event structures within Schools which is essential for their new role. In addition a member of the team has been exploring Enterprise Architecture EA. The project team members who learned how to use the scheduling aspect of the CMIS system did so through training provided by the suppliers of the product.

The knowledge of the course and event structures has developed through the close working relationship the team has developed with the Schools. Intangible As the online timetable will be the most accurate source of information students can access about their timetable, we have been asking staff to ensure they do not print the timetables for students, as is custom, but encourage the students to regularly check their online timetable, ideally before they come to university each day.

Student timetable system

We anticipate that this will have an impact on the amount of paper used in the timetabling process although exact savings will be impossible to determine.

As discussed above, we anticipate that staff time spent on timetabling will decrease however it is difficult to measure this as it is virtually impossible to establish the current situation other than estimates.

One of the areas where workload will potentially be reduced is through student fitting. There will be instances where the student fitting will have to be undertaken manually as the division of the groups may be based upon data that the CMIS does not hold, for example hospital sites for student nurses.

However, when the requirement of the group is simply to divide the group into seminar sessions the student fitting element of the CMIS software allows this to be done automatically.

The lecturers simply have to determine the maximum number of students in a group and the system will allocate students to groups as they enrol and are registered to the course and modules.

We are expecting that, as long as the system is used correctly and any changes to the timetable will be reported to the Central Timetabling Unit so they can update the system, students will no longer experience turning up to a room to discover that their class has been cancelled or moved.

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Instead they will receive an email and will have their timetable updated. It is also expected that the students will consider the University better value for money when the increased fees are introduced if we have effective and efficient systems.

Again this will not be attributed to the timetabling system alone and therefore will not be measured. In addition frustrations over a timetable can lead to student attrition. A potential benefit has been identified, which if successful will help to reduce the administrative burden.

Usually, when the cohort is divided into groups, the group data has to be entered into SAM separately. However, as this data is now captured through the timetabling system the project team will attempt to extract this data directly from the CMIS database into SAM so re-entry will not be necessary.Semester timetable Using the semester timetable, you can look up the day and time that units are available by using the unit name or unit code.

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Student Management: A school management software keeps track of the students entire registration process. Users can easily add, modify, and view modules which give them complete information of a student’s admission process.

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Managing a school timetable is a complex task – this. There are two ways for a student to use the system. Personal Timetables - Providing that you have registered modules for /19 and have enrolled (or preregistred if you are a new student) you will be able to see your personal timetable by entering your network login and usual password at the log in prompt and then clicking 'Personal'.

openSIS is a commercial grade, secure, scalable & intuitive Student Information System / School Management Software that just works.

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It is published by OS4ED, a full life cycle software development company headquartered in the USA. Student prefered scheduling. If you are institute like a community college that needs students to give preferences for arrangement of classes, our system supports that.

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