Wgu ket1 task 1 academic writing

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Wgu ket1 task 1 academic writing

Meta-analysis Synthesis of different types of evidence and so on. Moreover, EBP also requires the nurse to carry out tasks that are field-based, i. Challenging because the professional has to carry out very rigorous activities by being part of a community usually the ones they live inand by applying the principles of community health nursing in that community to bring about a positive change.


Activities in the task involve applying quite a few tools to identify a community and understand the major health concerns the community faces. This is a field project.

Population Economic Status Survey 2. Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide 5. Population Health Scavenger Hunt. There are quite a lot of documents, guides, and links that accompany this task.

The details required to carry out each of these six tools are clearly given in these accompanying resources. Population Economic Status Survey PESS tool is actually a comprehensive approach taken by the nurse while working in the community to objectively understand the major health concerns faced by the community.

The rationale for this tool, provided by the WGU, is that it helps the nurse to understand a health concern and argue her position in order to address the issue in favor of her community.

Academic Writing Task 1

To cut short, the nurse has to dig deeper into major databases at the state and federal levels, i. Gov, Healthy Peopleetc. Alongside, she has to visit the local community centers such as the City Council, Health Department, non-profit organizations, and so on.

For instance, a Hmong community member might possibly explain her epilepsy as a spirit taking her over.

Four Simple Steps

This tool also requires you to search for data. However, it has a subjective element that requires you to meet different people and talk to them, interview them, and understand their viewpoint in relation to a health concern and its treatment.

These two areas of investigation combine together to add another dimension to your community health nursing fieldwork. PHSH tool follows the footprints of the famous scavenger hunt game.

However, in this task, it requires the nurse to choose six facilities from the long list given in the supplementary resource. But the approach is rigorous and systematic. For example, you chose American Red Cross. At the end, thus, your knowledge of the community is immaculate and you become an expert nurse on that community!

This should be very clear from the tools mentioned that the task is highly beneficial for nurturing community health nursing skills and competencies.

For this, the candidate, once again, jumps on to the field and works with a number of community-based stakeholders to come up with a viable health care plan to address that health concern by taking into account the epidemiology and the prevention factors of the health concern.

The fieldwork requires a lot of activities from collecting reliable statistics to critiquing available resources and any loopholes.

EFP1 Task 2 - [DOCX Document]

The required number is two. These interventions are well-planned. You will have to demonstrate every aspect of these interventions, i.

So this practicum is really killing in terms of the skills, deeper level understanding of community health nursing, and the relevant competencies you gain while doing it.

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wgu ket1 task 1 academic writing

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Western Governors University Complaint Review: Western Governors University WGU Inadequate Math Program Passes on Burden of Defects to Students Salt Lake City, Utah NOTICE!

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Task 2 Templates - use these to respond appropriately to certain essay question types This essay requires two sides of an argument or an issue to be balanced.

wgu ket1 task 1 academic writing

This essay requires you to clearly state the problem/s and list the solution/s. The Writing Task 1 of the IELTS Academic test requires you to write a summary of at least words in response to a particular graph (bar, line or pie graph), table, chart, or process (how something works, how something is done).

This task tests your ability to select and report the main features, to describe and compare data, identify . WGU JIT2 Risk Management task 1(B)-perfect tutorials.

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